We increase the profitability of your crops through better management of the flowering stage.



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Esteban Vásquez Montaño
Esteban Vásquez Montaño Co-founder / CEO

Ms c in Biotechnology and Beekeeper Has 5 years of experience in biological interactions research, TI and business creation.

 Diego Baesler Urrutia
Diego Baesler Urrutia Co-founder / CFO

Commercial engineer, with 5 years of experience in finance and administration in start-up agrotech.

Mario Fuenzalida Salvia
Mario Fuenzalida Salvia Co-founder / COO

Biotechnologist, with 5 years of experience in commercial relations in start-up agrotech.

Alonso Espinoza Rojas
Alonso Espinoza Rojas Co-founder / CTO

Ms c in Biotechnology. Expert in 3D modeling, TI and Hardware. Has 4 years of experience in agricultural research.

Francisco Santander
Francisco Santander (SRE) Site Reliability Engineer

Computer engineer with 10 years of experience in networking and software development including Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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